The sound quality of my uploaded tracks suddenly became terrible?

  • 6 February 2019
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I've got a weird problem. For some reason, the sound quality for all songs that I have uploaded on Soundcloud suddenly sound absolutely terrible. I can barely distinguish any sounds. They are completely distorted. The actual tracks on my computer sound totally different. And the tracks on Soundcloud have also sounded normal, before.

You can listen to the horribly corrupted ultra-low-quality files here:

So what is going on? Why has Soundcloud suddenly ruined my tracks? Do I need to re-upload everything?

2 replies

Hello! Yes, I tried to restart my computer several times. And I disconnected/re-connected my sound device (K-Mix).

Today I finally got clear sound.
From the windows 10 sounds/playback/speakers/advanced menu I selected for
"default format"
24bit / 88.1 khz
instead of
24bit / 96khz

Though now when I switch back to 24bit / 96khz
the sound is still clear. Also the previous setting is sounds clear.

This doesn't make any sense? What could have happened?
And why didn't Youtube or the files on my computer sound like a horrible distorted mess?
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Hey there,

Hmm, have you tried to restart your computer? Do you have an external audio card connected? If so, what happens when you disconnect and listen to the regular onboard soundcard?

Let is know how it went.