These people don't even help.

  • 24 December 2016
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No one has ever helped me on this site.
What do I have to do, waste my money on that 'Soundcloud Go' foolishness?
All I ask is for the same treatment as everyone else and some help with retrieving my tracks.
Don't lie to me and say that you're unable to give me links to my files because your system had a bug that let me listen to old tracks on my phone but not on the desktop version. I had to refresh for them to go away meaning there probably is a way to restore tracks. Anyway all I want is for my recent 4 in 24 tape and withyouinmind tracks to be sent to me via email like the last person that asked for this.

2 replies is the email.

& by "let me see old tracks" I don't mean that I've never refreshed that page before, I mean all those tracks just miraculously popped up on my page last night.
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Hi there,

After reading your topics and comments here on the Help Community, I understand you're missing specific tracks of yours. I've looked for "WithYouInMind" and "Freestyle" via the tools I have from my end to see if there is any chance to get a backup copy, however was not able to succeed.

Please reach out to trust[at] for a more in depth investigation from their end to see if there is something they can do to help with this. Please note that whether or not we can provide a backup depends on a multitude of factors, hence I cannot guarantee they will be able to help.

All the best to you,