track image not reflected when sharing to social media

  • 20 November 2017
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When I share my Soundcloud song on Facebook, then:

* people cannot play it directly inside Facebook (however this is possible for youtube videos, other videos, etc.). Any plan to fix this?

* to add even more inconvenience, when someone clicks on the link, instead of playing it right away in the newly opened browser window, it opens Google Play, asking for installing an app.

Result: 90% of the times, people won't bother listening to a Soundcloud song posted on Facebook.

Is there any plan to fix this?

If not, I'll sadly have to move to another music platform, because here it's soooo inconvenient for the end user: few people will bother installing an app just to listen my music.

2 replies

When trying to upload an image for a track. It does not propagate to any of the social media accounts when sharing. I have had this issue before and it is insanely exasperating. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi David,

Hmm - an all black image is a bit unusual, but let's see. The issue typically occurs when Facebook has cached old information on their end, for which they offer their debugging tool. You can find it here:

The tool cannot fix previously shared content, but the next to you share, the proper info should show. :)