Track Image upload error

Hi, I just wanted release my new track, but from yesterday, I can't upload an image file.
The track goes uploaded, but ONLY image isn't being uploaded.
I found some solutions in Help Center and Help Community, and I found some people got same phenomenon like me, so I read the solutions you guys mentioned and I did everything..
Deleting caches, cookies, chect Adobe Flash's version, refresh, make somethings like adblock disabled , and use another browser, anything I can do. I even tried with 3 different computers.
And I also tried to release track first and edit an image, but it didn't work. It just goes to my profile image.
I want current solution of image upload problems.

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Ah, I also asked to my friend, like "Hey can you upload an image?" and he said he can't upload an image file neither..
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Hi there GINTOKKI,

From what I can see, you managed to upload an image - what ended up being the root cause?

All the best