Track left the news feed after a repost of someone

  • 18 April 2018
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I uploaded a Podcast ( yersterday and it showed up in the feed as usual.
Then someon i dont know reposted it and my upload disappeared from News feed.

Can you please explain and put it in the feed again ?

This Problem also appears when im reposting stuff with my second account...

Thanks in advance

Best answer by SKARÚ 19 April 2018, 13:55

No its not.
you can see that daily..
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3 replies

maybe just one entry is allowed in the news feed? I dont really know.
No its not.
you can see that daily..
Ok, I correct myself!
i did not understand you correctly the first time @Tom Fontana :/

i think there IS only one entry allowed in your PERSONAL feed.
So it basically can just be put further on top of your feed, but keeps appearing (i hope) on other peoples news feed (if its not also moved upwars, since they are following the same Reposter).