Track Stuck in Processing

  • 27 October 2017
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Like I said the track won't upload while I tried everything in the help support This one

Best answer by The Real News Network 27 October 2017, 20:03

Problem is solved for me now. Started working again at 1:50pm ET from the CT area. Hope everyone is back up and running soon.
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63 replies

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I'm having the same issue. Like you, I checked and double checked that the track meets Soundcloud's parameters and tried uploading various file formats.
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I made sure the track follows Soundcloud's parameters, and I tried uploading various file formats in different browsers. No matter what, the track always uploads 100% then gets stuck in processing.
On the status blog it says they are rolling out a repost fix and I think it's causing some kind of fuck-up. My track is stuck in a processing loop too.
It's happening here too yo; nothing on the status blog about it. Sounds like it's lunch time.:)
I am trying to upload an mp3 and all I get is the continuous "We are processing your track for playback."

What's going on?
Same here, I tried uploading from another pc and profile but it doesn't work 😑
Same here^^
same. must be widespread.
Aye same here, got three in processing
I can be added to that list as well...
And me. At least I don't feel alone; I've tried uploading my .mp3 track 3 or 4 times so far with no success. Hopefully we'll have a fix soon; meantime, lunch! 🙂
same here
Same here. Saying a prayer and trying to be patient...! 🙂
Same here... I had successfully uploaded 1 track, after waiting for a long time and then canceling it and redo the uploading with replacing it. 2nd track was taking lots of time, tried it several times, also on different browsers but with no success.
I have searched SoundCloud helpdesk for any solutions but all I already tried. There seems no technical issues at their side at the moment so I don't understand what is happening.

For now I wait till the 2nd track is uploaded but I already have waited for more than 70 minutes...
This problem seems to have started three hours ago.
Same here. Track stuck in processing have tried uploading in both .mp3 and .wav formats
this is sign of end times for me lol, I cant go out to smoke when I havent got the track on my phone via soundcloud lol
Also stuck in processing
Getting it too. At least I'm not the only one.

Just gotta ride it out, Soundcloud HQ probably know there's a problem
Same here
Same here. Uploading mp4 files worked until yesterday. So I tried an mp3, but nothing changed. I just keep getting this message "there was a problem with playing this file."
Add me to the list of those who are stuck in processing
Same heree!