Tracks under the 'All' tab in my profile come up in the wrong order - i.e. the oldest are tracks first

  • 10 November 2017
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I specifically uploaded all my tracks in order so that my newest tracks would come up first in my profile. However when you click on the 'All' tab in my profile, the oldest tracks come up first. Its only when when you click on the 'Tracks' tab that everything comes up in the correct order (i.e. newest tracks first).

This is very annoying as the 'All' tab is the first page people would see when they click onto my profile. Anyone know why thats happened? Any help would be much appreciated!


1 reply

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Hi there J.D.W.,

Hmm, odd! I tried to fix this with the tools I can access, however wasn't able to sort this out right away, hence I've escalated this to our engineers. I hope they can soon look into this for you. I'll check back in w/ you once I hear back.