tracks were strangely uploaded onto my page and I cant delete them

  • 4 December 2016
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I'm having a very strange issue-- tracks that I did not upload onto our soundcloud page were somehow uploaded to my page. These are tracks that our not mine and I do not own-- but remixes to our songs have been uploaded to our page somehow, but they appear to the public as our own. The option to delete the track is not given to us. It is greyed out.

On the song info, it says "This track is managed directly by its rightsholder." and "This track is monetizable."

I feel like I need someone from soundcloud to help with this issue. Any help is greatly appreciated.

2 replies

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Hey there,

Thanks for getting in touch about this and sorry to hear you're having issues with this.

As we've launched our SoundCloud Go subscription, some tracks have been mistakenly uploaded to your profile as part of our ingestion for the extended catalog SoundCloud Go offers. Our team is currently working on removing these tracks from mistaken profiles but we need help identifying them.

Please fill out this form ( and let our content support team know the details of this issue.

Thanks for you cooperation with this. We really appreciate your patience and hopefully we'll have everything up and running again for you shortly.

Hi Mathis.
I have the same problem since over a week and i have to tell you that it's very annoying.
I already filled out the form you posted above few days ago and i am still waiting that Soundcloud will delete 10 (!) tracks which were mistakenly uploaded to my profile. Right now all the unwanted tracks are still there and they have not been deleted.
How long should i still wait for these tracks to be removed? Please help me to solve this issue, as i really care of that.
Thank you very much.