Tracks wouldn't play and then disappeared

  • 27 November 2015
  • 7 replies

I've uploaded 3 songs. When the upload was done they wouldn't play, and later they disappeared from my page. Could the problem be that they're 24bit files (WAV 44.1kHz)?
I'm using Firefox 42.0 on Win7.

7 replies

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Name of the 3 tracks please?

Paper Heart, A Million Songs, The Vibe.
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Hey there,

Hmm, these tracks seems to have been deleted from your end. Maybe this happened accidentally. Either way, would you like for us to restore them?
I think it was due to a misunderstanding on my part of how playlists work. If I remember correctly, I deleted a playlist that contained those tracks assuming the tracks themselves would not be deleted. Am I correct in thinking that by having deleted the playlist I have also deleted the tracks?
Anyway yes, I would like you to restore them.
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Hi again, thanks for the follow up. I've now restored your tracks. Deleting a playlist would not delete the tracks that it has in it though. Sorry about this misunderstanding.

In order to delete a playlist, make sure to only click on the track bin that is under the top header of the playlist (when you're on the playlist page), not on the trash icons on every track. This will only remove the playlist as such, not the tracks themselves.

Hope this helps :-)

Great, thanks a lot.