Trouble Monetizing

  • 1 March 2019
  • 1 reply


I just released a new song and am having trouble monetizing it. I haven't had any trouble in the past with monetization, I started by using beatstars and then transferred to Soundcloud monetization once that became available to me so I've got 10 songs monetizing through Soundcloud at the moment. I've got an ISRC generated for this new song as well as all of the required fields filled out. It also tells me that "this track could be monetized" when I click on my track. Once I go to the monetization tab and select my name under each country and then the time to start monetizing, I click submit and nothing seems to happen. I can keep clicking the submit button over and over again rather than it going grey when the submission goes through. When I click on the track again it says the submission is under review for monetization and, after refreshing, it goes back to saying this song could be monetized. Anybody got any solutions? Thanks in advance.

1 reply

I'm experiencing that right now. It gives the impression that the system ignores everything. I never had any problems. Support does not exist. SoundCloud does not answer questions.