Trying to upload podcast to Itunes - getting Error: Parsing Error, invalid xml.....

  • 9 November 2015
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Have uploaded 1st podcast to soundcloud and now I want to upload to itunes - when I pasted the rss feed link I got this error:
Error parsing feed: Invalid XML: Error on line 54: The reference to entity "c. getContext" must end with the ';' delimiter

2 replies

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This error occurs only when your Podcast has no data/episodes/broadcasts. When iTune's interpreter tried to Parse the data, it found nothing and gave you that error (In programming, the semicolon indicates an END or BREAK).

If you want a more detailed discussion on this, check out this link.

Hope this helps!
Andrew (Alias AM)
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Oh, and I forgot to mention... Make sure you have RSS feed turned on in your episodes' permissions.