Trying to upload Wav file. Keeps retrying then gets stuck

  • 3 March 2017
  • 2 replies

I am trying to upload a file to the site as I do every Friday morning but this time the wav. file is not taking. It keeps uploading and then when it reaches 100% it reuploads over and over. Once it finally settles it gets stuck in processing mode. I have been trying since 10am to add this file to my page. Could this week's outage still be affecting the site? The post from the 28th states everything is back to normal with uploading but it doesn't appear to be.

2 replies

Now it is just uploading over and over again. Gets to about 30% and starts all over trying to upload. Is there still a problem with the site? If anyone can answer that would be great. This wav. file should be loading just fine.
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Hi there Ryan,

Hmm, there should be no issue of uploading your track actually - I've double checked your account settings, too. If this is still an issue, please perform our basic troubleshooting steps and make sure the .wav file is not corrupted (can you play it on iTunes, for instance?)

Basic troubleshooting includes clearing your cache & cookies, disabling any third party extensions (Adblock etc.), restarting your browser, trying your browser's incognito / private mode, and using a different browser to narrow down the root cause.

Hope this helps!