Unable to update a track

  • 25 August 2016
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trying to update a track, after the transcoding is complete, when clicking on the save button, nothing happens (the button is disabled and enabled again).
In the network inspector the PUT request

fails with an HTTP 400 (invalid request) answer, with the answer body:

error_message:"Failed to parse track update request"

Are you working on the problem? I see no update on

Thank you for any help and kind regards,

3 replies

have the same problem but without any error message, i click on button save nothing happens
The error message is hidden in the developer tools of the browser, under network traffic (normally you show them with F12, depending on the one you're using). I wrote this info for the developers, but the normal user does not see this message. The "Save changes" button just gets gray and enabled again, but nothing happens.
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Happening here also.. I mean what else could go wrong at this point !!!! WOW!! I have a Pro plan here.