Understanding how to put small bits of music on my site

  • 1 March 2017
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We are a website that has developed our own music of sorts, we produce Mantras and are selling those mantras. The mantras are mp3 files, and last about 25 minutes in length. We want folks to be able to hear a short part of our mantras, i.e. 15-45 seconds worth on our website. We are selling the mantras on our Shopify site,

Are we able to sign up for your service and upload short bits of our mantras and then set up those for folks to hear just these short bits. the files are of course MP3, and we have at this time seven (7) mantras for folks to listen to and then buy the mantra.

Second problem is that when they buy, they want to listen to the mantras and some folks do not use iTunes but want to listen to the mantras on their phones, is there anything that this site that can help us.

Thank you

2 replies

One more thing, folks would be listening to our mantras for at least 41 days in length so the folks will be using our site every day for every sale.
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Hi Sam,

Hmm, so, basically, here's what you can do:

1. Upload 15-45 second long snippets to your SoundCloud account.
2. Set up the "Buy" button and include the link to your shop where users can purchase the full version.
3. You can test this with a regular free account, with the only downside that you cannot change the term "buy" of the buy button (which is a pro feature).

As far as access to the full episode is concerned: You wouldn't even have to upload the full episode to your SoundCloud account.

Hope this helps for starters :-)