Updating a track on my desktop doesn't update the version played on the app

  • 28 February 2017
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I made a beat about 9 days ago and uploaded it to Soundcloud. The next day, I uploaded a new file to replace it -- some big changes, but it's still definitely much the same song. When I play the song on my Desktop or on Safari on my iPhone, it plays the correct version. However, when I play it on the Soundcloud app, it plays the original, outdated version. Is this an issue on my end?Is there anything I can do to fix this? Here is the track if it helps:


2 replies

Mathis, your advice is unhelpful. You are suggesting that every time I update a mix with a new file, I have to delete the app, restart my phone, download the app and then I guess I'll have to send these same aggravating instructions to my clients too. "oh, hey guys, check out the link---there's a new mix up there, but oh, wait, you have to delete the app and download it all over again, etc. " Are you kidding me?!? I have been having this problem for years on multiple accounts and I have never been able to trust that people I sent links to are even listening to the correct mix that I am intending for them to hear. It's irritating to pay extra money for this "pro" feature that doesn't work.
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Hi there,

It sounds like your phone's cache my be playing tricks on you. Quickest way to sort this would be to delete the app, restart your phone, then download the app again. Please note that when you have synced content for offline listening (SoundCloud Go/Go+), you'll have to redownload this after the reinstall.