Upgraded to PRO account, tracks still hidden

  • 19 April 2017
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On an other account of mine I got the message from Soundcloud that

"you are currently over your plan's upload limit so your oldest tracks have been hidden on your profile. Sharing more of your tracks with the world is easy, just get more minutes with a bigger and better Pro plan. [...] In the meantime, to make space on your account, these older track(s) have been hidden on your account: [...]. They have not been deleted. To show all your tracks and upload more, upgrade to the next Pro plan level."

I upgraded to the next PRO plan, purchased via Paypal, but my tracks are still hidden.

Anyone has experience or knowledge about this?

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4 replies

We are also having this same issue. Our plan is upgraded and still the tracks are hidden. Is there any solution to this issue?
Same problem here.
Looks like Pro still has a limit of 6 hours of audio availability, so upgrading to the Pro Unlimited is the only solution at the moment.

Im hoping they contact me with more information and a better solution.
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@Cen & @Varluche,

Both of your accounts are free accounts and always were free accounts, so I won't be able to help with this further. If you continue to have this issue, please reach out to our Billings & Subscriptions team directly. When you do, be sure to include the email address and URL of the account in question.