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  • 2 April 2017
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I'm confused. I'm seeing that I should be able to have 3 hours of content (and I definitely don't)
How can I upload if the option is not showing up?

3 replies

You should have 3 hours - have you uploaded stuff and switched the tracks to hidden?

What exactly is your issue?
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Hi there,

You have plenty of space to upload actually. If you're no longer seeing the upload button, please try and clear your cache & disable any third party extensions (Adblock, HTTPS Everywhere, etc.), and sign out, restart your browser, then sign in again.

Hope this helps!

The upload button wasn't showing up anywhere. I think I have less than a half an hour of content. I don't think anything is hidden. If it is it can't be more than 3 hrs. I couldn't find where to check on that either 😩