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  • 15 December 2017
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I'm not sure why it would be such a mission to upload a track from my android phone. Every time I have hit "share" and chosen Soundcloud, I have got the upload failed message.
Guys you need to get these simple things sorted. We as users are not asking for a fancy high-end feature here.

Thanks for listening to us.

12 replies

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Hm...just close the tab and after a while try again.
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Ah, my bad i thought you were on a computer 😛 either the song is probably copyright and they won't let you share it so you won't get blamed for it.
You certainly make it sound like you do, yet can't come up with a satisfactory explanation for my original question.

I will give you full marks for remaining engaged though 🙂
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Why thank you! Anyway, i hope you find out the problem! Have a nice day! ^^
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Hi there,

Hmm, your account shows a confirmed email address and that you have quota, so you should be able to upload properly. Moving the recording to your laptop is actually what I would recommend if this is still unresolved. Alternatively, you could try and remove the app, restart your phone for a fresh start, then download the App again to see if this helps.

-> go to Setting on your phone
-> Apps
-> SoundCloud
-> Scroll down until you find "Permission"
-> Turn both Microphone & specially "Storage" On

*as the steps may vary from phone manufacturers or android versions.
but, this is how I got mine to work, hope this helps.
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Is the app up to date?
It appears to be. The app version is 2017.12.14-release, Flipper version 1.3.6
Not sure what you mean by "close the tab" as I am working off the android app on my phone. FWIW, I exited the app and tried again after restarting. Exactly the same outcome.

There is some other hidden problem here. Is it possible that the file type is incompatible with Soundcloud ? Mine has a .m4a extension.

Thank you.

Thank You  Skylinepk your suggestions worked!!

Nope nothing to do with copyright. I transferred the song to my laptop and was able to upload it easily. It is definitely a problem with the app.

Are you involved in any way with the development of the app ? Or just guessing ?

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No, i just know a lot about the app 😛