Upload keeps restarting

  • 23 August 2017
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I've been trying to upload a 40min mix (700MB)in WAV format and it continuously restarts. I've tried all the different browsers, as well as MAC and Windows but still no luck. I've tried converting to a different audio file format but can't find a free converter. I've also tried using internet from my mates house which is far quicker than mine, but still no joy. HOW CAN I UPLOAD A MIX TO SOUNDCLOUD WITHOUT THIS HAPPENING??? please help me i'm going insane.

5 replies

I'm having the same issue with a tiny 10meg file. It gets to around 40% and then starts over. This has happened 8 times in a row and I have tried both Firefox and Chrome. Are there any soundcloud advisors on this board who can help with this? I see via google search that this is a problem that has been around for years.
I need help too!! We need answers!
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Hi there,

It looks like all three of you were able to upload new tracks since initially writing about it here on the community. We recommend to check a number of "usual suspects" when experiencing technical issues with uploads. They are outlined here:

SoundCloud keeps restarting. I don’t like SoundCloud anymore.
We have been having the same issues for over 24 hours. My upload has made it to 90% and then restarted. I've been unable to get other attempts past 30%. What gives?