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  • 18 February 2018
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I'd very much appreciate it if anyone replies and can give me advice or their experience with this issue. I have just created a soundcloud account to upload the music I've created, however when attempting this the upload will only go so far and restart again. I have tried different browsers, cleared cache and cookies, stopped the use of adblocker but all to no prevail. My internet connection is good, and the size of the EP I'm trying to upload is only 242MB (max upload is 5GB). I have tried uploading the entire EP and also just uploading each track at a time but the upload keeps restarting regardless.

Any help with this would be much appreciated because I am out of ideas and this doesn't seem to be a heavily discussed topic as of recent.


2 replies

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Hi @gregswetra,

Hmm, it sounds like your upload went fine, however when you're trying to play the track on SoundCloud, it restarts? I was able to play the full track just fine actually, so maybe it is merely the local cache on your browser that is playing tricks on us here.

I'd recommend to try a different browser, or your browser in private / incognito mode to see if it works in there. If it does, try clearing your cache & cookies on your regular browser, restart your browser (and maybe your device as well, works wonders sometimes) and see if it helped.

Let the community know how it went 🙂
I try to play what I make in GarageBand and it keeps restarting after a few seconds of play, every day, over and over. SoundCloud is broken, it sucks and it’s not fun anymore.