Upload keeps restarting and is really slow - need help salvaging my description

  • 27 August 2019
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I have checked my connection speed (approx 1mbps Download and 0.7mbps Upload) and turned my router on and off but no luck with getting the speed to increase. I have read many topics on here about the upload restarting and it seems like there is no fix just keep trying till you get lucky??

I have put HOURS into my show description (as it is a podcast) and if I abondon this upload I will loose all of that work (yes, next time I will type this all out in a more reliable platform) is there any way that Soundcloud support can look at the file I am trying upload and email me a copy of my description? because I clicked "Save" during the upload i cant got back in and edit it (to save a copy of the text) so if you can send it to me that would be really helpful.
At its current rate it will be 11hrs till the upload is complete and it will be the 3rd or 4th time it has uploaded in the last 36 hours. This is SO FRUSTRATING! Please help ASAP!

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