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  • 26 February 2017
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I have a Pro account and need to upload 65 mins of music but SC says I have 17 mins upload tme left so I delete 60 mins+ of audio but I still only have 17 mins upload time - have tried logging in and out several times. How long before I can upload? This happens ALL the time!

3 replies

File size is 5GB, the longest file length we support is 6 hours and 45 minutes:

I'd contact support with such an issue!
I got the correct upload allowance eventually but it took several hours of logging in and out - infuriating. I'm cancelling my Pro account as soon as my album is out, not worth the money any more.
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Hi there Simon,

Please note that a deletion on the front end (i.e., when you're doing this on your end) can take some time to fully process on our backend, which causes a delay. You signing out and back in did not speed up the process, neither did it slow it down. Next time, I'd recommend to prepare some time if you already know you want to upload more content than your quota allows and you don't want to upgrade to Pro Unlimited to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Best of luck with your album!