Upload page is blank

  • 12 June 2019
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Logged in properly; account profile shows up properly; track list shows up properly.

BUT THE 'UPLOAD' PAGE ITSELF IS BLANK except for a player control bar and my account name and one track listing, all at the very bottom of the page.

The Soundcloud header was theree about five minutes ago; now even that's blank. All I see is a black bar at the top of the screen with the 'cloud' logo in it.

What is going on over there?

5 replies

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Hi there,

Hmm, we haven't heard of any outage or compromised services. Have you installed any third party extensions in your browser as of late by any chance? If this issue persists for you, please try an incognito / private browser window and make sure any extensions (Adblock, HTTPS Everywhere, any Proxy settings / extensions) are disabled and see if the issue persists.

Let us know how it went!
I've been away on tour for a week; just got back and tried to upload some new sound samples. But the same thing is happening again tonight.

No, I have NOT installed any third party extensions;

Yes, I tried going to the upload page using 'In Private' browsing with the popup blocker turned off.

No difference; a totally blank, white page with only a header and footer showing.

I am using IE 11, running on a Win7 Pro platform. The Sound Cloud upload page worked before when we set up the original account; now it doesn't.
My 'Dashboard' and 'tracks' list all show up properly; it is only the upload page that isn't appearing.
The problem persists today, too. Unless this can be fixed, it will be impossible for us to use SoundCloud to host our audio samples. We were about to upgrade to a paid account, but if this is an example of the reliability of your service, we'll just stream directly from our own website and create a player widget in Dreamweaver.
The upload page is working again.

Hah. Funny how as soon a someone threatens to withhold MONEY, SoundCloud suddenly gets their ducks in a row and fixes the problem.

I'm not impressed.