Upload problem - processing tracks forever and not able to play or share

I uploaded the tracks as per requirements, for more than an hour ago and they are still processing...

This is so annoying as I want to share some tracks with my colleagues and I can't!

Soundcloud please fix this problem!!!

Best answer by Mathis 21 January 2019, 13:49

Hi there everyone,

SoundCloud's uploading service was experiencing downtime at the time of your reports. The issue has been fixed since it first occurred so if you haven't done so already, please re-upload your track and it should go up properly. Apologies about the inconvenience.

P.S.: We will move a number of other topics that were created at the time to this one, however close the topic for any new replies given the root cause has been fixed. If you're experiencing further issues, chances are something else is causing difficulties for you, in which case we recommend basic troubleshooting - restart device & browser, make sure your track is encoded into a compatible audio file format (e.g. mp3, wav), use a private or incognito browser window.
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Same problem here! 😞
same here the whole day already. nothing works! Sucks! 😞
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Still down unfortunatly here...Guess on your end to?
About 4-5 hours ago, I posted the newest episode of my podcast. However, it's still "processing". I had deleted it and reposted but it is still doing this. I know there were recent issues regarding uploads, and I would like to know about how long it will take to fix it and get it posted. Online said the issues had been resolved but apparently not yet. What can I do to deal with this?

The episode in question:

Thank you!
title kind of explains everything.

I always upload the same way, and never had a problem.
the last 48 Hours, I cannot upload anything, since it always stops at the 'We are processing your track for playback'. I didn't do anything different since I never had a problem while uploading.
And I really need this fixed!
I'm in a artist academy and we have to send a private link from soundcloud to get our grade. And they don't accept excuses. so please fix this!

stuck for two days
nothing helps(
Same problem here, this is the 2nd day when uploads show processing, and can't play nor share those tracks.

Soundcloud please fix this problem! My work depends on it and I'm stuck at the moment...

For some reason I am unable to upload tracks. After uploading a new song to SoundCloud, it uploads fine, but stays stuck in processing. Any ideas on how to resolve this?

I have tried multiple things like different file types, different account, different browser, restarting my computer and restarting my router, but they all do not seem to work.

Anyone that can help me with this?

why my track is loaded remains in: Track processing in progress

I'm trying to upload a file, but it's stuck in processing.
I've tried removing it, and reuploading it several times, but it still won't process.
Can anyone plse help me.

Kind regards,

I am submitting this ticket again because I need assistance with frequent uploading errors. Every attempt to upload is continually stuck in processing.

They are the same specs as every other file I've uploaded for five years. To test this issue, I attempted to upload previous files and they all get stuck in processing. I have a schedule to post my podcast this has completely ruined that timing.

Could someone from SoundCloud please check what the issue is with the upload server and processing and expedite a solution. I pay money for a premium service, but am finding it very hard to get anyone to respond and fix this issue.

Recently I've bene trying to upload a track, that I exported 2 files of - mp3 and wav - and I were unable to upload either way. The site just says it's processing and I've even waited 12 hours and it was still "processing...". Also, every time I refresh the site, the "processing" is automatically canceled and I have to start all over again.

Any practical solutions would be appreciated.
I cannot upload a single track anymore. I am very displeased that I can no longer upload any of my music because my songs are stuck in processing. I would like this problem fixed immediately. My SoundCloud page is growing rapidly I do not want to make a new account. By the way, soundcloud needs to improve its customer support. It’s almost impossible to find any real solutions. I also purchased pro for creators if my page is unable to upload any more songs I would like a refund because I feel scammed.
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Let's be real guys. This problem has been up two days and SC's customer service and support chose to stay silent about it. I couldn't think of any reason why this is the service I got from a company with 6.4 m likes on Facebook. Lots of us rely on this platform to connect with fans and even make a living. And this company seems to not give a sh*t about it. All in all, we deserve compensations from SC due to the inconvenience they cause for their valuable customers.
For the last few days I've tried uploading .wav files with no luck. Reseting everything on my end didn't do anything. Searching the forms for solutions resulted in no luck either though I've seen quite a few posts on the subject. Thought I'd let you guys know that somethings not working and to see if there might be any new fixes/updates.
Dear sir/madam,

I have uploaded my new track already 5 times now, I followed all the instructions from your help desk. But everytime when the track is done uploading and busy ''processing it'' to be playable, it get's stuck and it doesn't do anything.

Is there a solution asap?

Hope to hear soon from you.

Kind regards,

I've tried to upload 7 different tracks at different times over the last 3 days. i've tried both WAV and MP3!
any help would be muchly appreciated!!!
I still have the problems since friday evening. Think everbody should open a ticket. I had problems to find the right link. At the end of following first aid article i found the link for „File a ticket“
Currently on going issue the past 2 days. Can't upload please advise. Uploading as WAV. Never had an issue. Is there an outage?
It's been over 48 hours and Soundcloud continues to have major problems with processing. I understand that glitches can and do happen but why hasn't Soundcloud posted information about this problem. Is it not aware that tracks are not being uploaded to its servers.

I have tried both of my accounts. Nothing.
I have tried changing file formats from MP3 to WAV to FLAC. Nothing.
I have tried to upload using different browsers. Nothing.

Soundcloud - get your act together. Sort the problem, or at the very least, let your users know that there is a problem.
i have been trying to upload a track it also says that it is stuck in proccessing. this never happends but it has been proccessing for more than a day. i've formated it to a wav and uploaded again. first it was an mp3. it still doesn't work changed the name put tags on it. did everything that is reccommended in the community feeds and nothing works. please help.

sorry for the bad english.

also my homepage doesn't seem to show up anymore but i don't know if that relates to the issue.
[h4]RE: dimitrovisch [/h4]

The post reminded me:

My homepage does not load properly either
I have tried adding / changing tags and saving - as suggested by other users. Nothing.
. . . and then nothing happens. Can you fix this?
I have tried to upload a file but it gets stuck at processing. I've tried both Safarin and Firefox, the file is under 4g, I've tried as a Wav and Mp3, I've tried a file which I have already had sucess in uploading. I still get the same problem. I've tried signing out then back in, fully shut down my mac, I am now simply lost for ideas.
Please help.
I've already tried uploading a track that worked (it didnt this time) and it is the same format i always use.I tried it with Chrome and Firefox and both didnt work.I already waited 7 hours before trying to reupload,but i dont think a 14MB Wav should take that long.Can somebody help or explain why i cant upload my stuff?
Thanks in advance.