Upload problem - processing tracks forever and not able to play or share

  • 7 December 2018
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40 replies

Ive made a track with my buddy, its under 2 minutes, and its been stuck in processing for over a day. what happened?
I've had the same upload problem for over 24hrs

Verizon Fios
East Coast USA
Macintosh, Sierra
Chrome Version 67.0.3396.99 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Uploads only go as far as the actual upload but get stuck on processing

I have cleared the caches including browser saved site data, i've rebooted, I've tried smaller files, 24bit instead of 32, I am at my wits end and the status blog has shown this was fixed for almost as long as I first realized it was happening so something is def NOT working
I've been having the same issue for about 48hrs. Doesn't matter what file type, or if I replace original file, or try a new one.

Got the same going on for a few days now. Guess SC has some problems with the servers, since I'm not the only one.
I've been trying to upload a track for the last 2 hrs. Each time the track loads into a gray bar half of the way and then it says "we are processing your track for playback..". It's a .wav file so that's not the problem, and it's 2:23 mins long so that's not the issue, I've tried deleting and reuploading idk how many times and it's not just one file it can't upload, every .wav and .mp3 file i try to upload has the same issue.

I've some problems into uploading my latest file..
It remains stuck on processing the file, i've tried mp3, wave and flac format, but the result is the same.

I really don't know what to do 😕
tried matter what i upload the track is stuck in processing. logged into another SC account and uploads work fine. haven't been able to upload for more than 24 hours.
dear community

i've been trying to upload my latest tracks to soundcloud recently but it stuck on "processing your track for playback"
any ideas how to solve this? i've tried to re-upload the track again and again for more than 20 times but waiting and nothing happens!
because i've already tried every single uploading format but its the same issue!!

as above
Anyone experiencing this? I've tried many formats with different tracks, I've also left it for more than 24 hrs now and It wouldn't upload, I deleted the tracks and re-uploaded them, nothing works.
Is anyone else out there experiencing trouble uploading new files? I've tried 4-5 times over the past couple of days and after it uploads to 100%, the file stays stuck in the processing / playback phase.

Any guidance / help out there?
i recently decided to try soundcloud pro, but first, it charged me twice for the subscription, and second now i can't upload anything without it getting stuck in processing, and i have tried on a couple different web browsers to see if that would do anything, but nothing seemed to work. i tried uploading the track to a separate account and it worked no problem, so i wanna know what going on
I'm trying to upload mp3 file (~200MB, 91 min) and uploading hangs on "Processing" state (message "We are processing your track for playback…"). I deleted all uploaded earlier tracks, tried uploading from different OS(Mac, Linux) and browsers, but uploading hangs as well...
Could you please help me?

Regards, Denys
I deleted my song for my own reasons I tried to re-up load it and it keeps saying this track is being processed its my song I own the rights to the lyric and the beat but its been like this for a day I just want to know when its nana b done processing because iv been using Soundcloud for like 10 years now and iv never had this problem before deleting tracks and re-up loading them so if you could do something about that I would highly grateful if you did thank you
My song has been stuck in track processing for an hour now I tried deleted and resubmitting multiple times, any suggestions?
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Hi there everyone,

SoundCloud's uploading service was experiencing downtime at the time of your reports. The issue has been fixed since it first occurred so if you haven't done so already, please re-upload your track and it should go up properly. Apologies about the inconvenience.

P.S.: We will move a number of other topics that were created at the time to this one, however close the topic for any new replies given the root cause has been fixed. If you're experiencing further issues, chances are something else is causing difficulties for you, in which case we recommend basic troubleshooting - restart device & browser, make sure your track is encoded into a compatible audio file format (e.g. mp3, wav), use a private or incognito browser window.