upload/share to SoundCloud from Garageband fails

  • 12 January 2018
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I use Garageband (GB,Mac) and i've never been able to the the 'Share to Soundcloud' to work. I'm logged in to Soundcloud correctly from the GB config menu's. I appears to process the GB project correctly and appears to be uploading but when the progress-bar gets to the end it shows an 'Upload Failed' pop-up.
Does anyone else have, or had, this issue?
Is there a fix?

2 replies

I am having the exact same issue! were you able to figure this out? I haven't found the solution in order community discussions. Please help SC!
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I've looked into this and it seems like you went over quota - this is why Garageband uploads fail (and uploads through the web browser would fail as well / would not be possible at the moment either).

In order to make this work again, you can either decide to delete some of your content in order to make space for new uploads, or you can upgrade to one of our Pro plans.

More info here:

To see which of your tracks are currently hidden due to being over quota, you can go to your tracks-page - the hidden tracks are all the way at the end of the list.

Hidden tracks will be fully reinstated when you upgrade, with all of their play counts, comments, etc.

Once you have space on your account again, uploads via Garageband should work again as well. :)