Upload stuck in processing

  • 20 September 2019
  • 1 reply

Okay, so I see many others are having this same problem....hope SoundCloud notices soon. Have been trying to upload a song for hours, but it is stuck with the dreaded "This track is being processed" notice.
The file format is correct, and, yes, I did have this problem with SoundCloud years ago, but I thought they'd improved. Very frustrating. I uploaded this same track to Bandcamp and it took about two minutes. With a SoundCloud Pro account I'd expect better performance.
It's also frustrating to see that there are many others posting this same problem, but there's nothing on the SoundCloud blog about it....

1 reply

Hey SoundCloud, please help!! I see you've responded to other people saying things are now fixed, but they are not fixed!
My track is still stuck in processing 12 hours later!!! Please help!