Upload time - does it reset monthly?

  • 16 October 2018
  • 3 replies

Does the upload time offered on a Basic (free) account reset monthly or is that the total upload time?

On my Basic plan it shows that i have 3 hours upload time. If I use up the 3 hours in October do I get 3 more hours in November or is the 3 hours a total amount of upload time regardless of when it is used and once your 3 hours is used up there is no further upload time available on a Basic (free) account?

3 replies

Your upload time doesn't refresh. A basic plan comes with a set number of minutes that you can upload. If you are low on minutes you can either delete old material, or it might be time to upgrade. Personally, I made it a long time on the basic account before I even needed more minutes.
Thank you for your reply @The Bears with Shades I really appreciate it!
No problemo. If that takes care of it, don't forget to mark this thread as "answered" to close it out. And feel free to check my profile if you feeling the love: could always use outside feedback on my music. Cheers!