Upload time Restricted

  • 30 November 2015
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Dont understand, years I ve been using soundcloud, I cant even upload new mixes?
I have one of 2h and you said :" You're over your free 3 hour limit by 37 minutes....
So how I can do to continue uploading new mix?

1 reply

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Hey there,
Thanks for getting in touch! It looks like you've used up all 180 minutes of upload space allowed for free accounts. This is why some of your tracks are now hidden and you cannot upload more.

In order for all of them to appear on your account, you can either upgrade to a Pro plan or delete some sounds to make space on your account for new uploads.
You can check out what tracks are hidden on your account here: To delete click to 'view hidden tracks' and hover your mouse over the track for the 'trash' icon to appear.

Hope I was able to clear things up for you!