• 16 April 2018
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I recently finished a song and uploaded a .wav format of it.

Only to be greeted by an ugly and horrific bassline WHICH IS NOT part of my original song !!
I listen to the song in my DAW (Ableton Live 9 Suite) and in my media player and all is well there are no ugly sounds and popping and crackling sounds in it !! I upload the song on my soundcloud account and now the popping sounds are there, the basslines sound very dirty and very muffled.. the crackling sounds are there... I am not happy about this soundcloud.. I've tried uploading multiple formats of the track and I've check if it wasn't my production work.. and NEITHER WORKED BECAUSE THE PROBLEM IS ON YOUR END.

I don't know if you guys are converting the files before posting them, if so STOP because it obviously isn't working..

Help me please..

This is a very unhappy Pro Unlimited customer.. sort me out

here is an example of the unbearable ugly sounds YOU GUYS originated !!!

Have a great day and do get back to me.

2 replies

SoundCloud converts the audio files to .mp3's because it makes it load faster.

As for your media player and Ableton, Ableton is constantly working to make your track sound good. (basically).

Your media player could be doing the same thing, but since you barely give any information about your speakers/headphones, operating system, apps you're using, extensions, or how you mastered this, I can't honestly help you.

The song sounds fine, in my opinion.
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Hi Lion,

I recommend this article to learn more about mixing techniques, and how to best prep your production for streaming:

I'm using Ableton Live myself, absolutely love it. :)