Uploading from Apple Safari

  • 8 March 2019
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Been a long term user of SC and have the Pro scheme.,
Suddenly last week I've been unable to upload tracks successfully to my SC account.
It goes very slowly in terms of loading a WAV track get maybe 35% the way through and then tries to start again. and again etc.
I have 14 mins of space.
I'm on the latest versions of IOS and Flash
Superfast broadband to the home
I've read the help topics and checked what I can.

Very frustrated as I cant upload, i'm hoping someone on this community can help and make me :-)



2 replies

Hi anyone able to help please 🙂 neil
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Hi @NeilConnor

Hmm, so: Flash should no longer be required to upload new tracks. Are you running any extensions, e.g. Adblock or so? If yes, try disabling it temporarily. Also, test in a private browser window and see what happens.

If this doesn't help, what happens if you try and upload via Chrome or Firefox for instance? Does that work properly?

I've looked into your account settings, everything should be fine from that end.