Uploading from GarageBand to SoundCloud

  • 2 March 2017
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Hiya everybody

I'm new to this making music, building tracks from scratch, it's so flipping' easy to make music on the fly. I'm buying apps for fun to produce tunes, apps such as ReMixLive, Auxy, Blocs Wave, DJay 2, GarageBand, Day Pro, Launchpad, Cross DJ, TriqTraq, MoodScaper, DRC, AudioCopy, Figure, Junglator, Different Drummer, Loopy, Loopacks, Hook, Noiz, Noise and iMaschine 2, all of them you can be producing tunes within seconds of opening the apps for the first time, its unbelievable really what is possible, I must have spent nigh on £200 on all those apps, either buying app outright, or IAP's, trying to find the one that tickles my ears to producing tunes the easiest, so far I'm lovin' ReMixLive, GarageBand both on iOS and Mac OS, Launchpad, iMaschine 2, Noiz and Noise, of these 6 Apps which are configured to uploading to SoundCloud, I've only tried GarageBand so that begs the question, How do I upload from GarageBand to SoundCloud, on the "Free Trial" of "SoundCloud Go+"?

Any tips?

Thanks in advance,

Mark aka JMarkyBB

1 reply

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Hi there,

Hmm, odd. The usual suspects for this are an unconfirmed email address or too much content uploaded to your account already. Neither of this appears to be the case for you. Have you reached out to Apple to see if they can help with this? They're essentially using a part of our API to integrate the upload service into their app, so they might be able to help 🙂