Uploading large wav file mix

  • 8 July 2018
  • 3 replies

Hi there. I am a pro plan soundcloud user and have spent the last 5 days attempting to upload a 3 hour set mix to my page it is 1800 Mb. It will upload to about 47% then stop and I have to then start again. Help!

3 replies

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Hi there @Ainsley May

Please try and upload a file that is smaller then 500MB to your account - this is the maximum file size our system can handle nowadays and it should come through properly. :)

Thank you Mathis. I have upgraded my account so that I can upload bigger files though! I am now struggling to upload a smaller mix of 790 Mb. Is there a problem at soundcloud? I have never had this problem before. Very very frustrating.
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Hi again,

I believe there was a time when uploads could be up to 5GB, however this is no longer the case. This also doesn't have to do with your account subscription - regardless of your subscription plan, a single file can not be larger then 500MB.

Thus I'd recommend to bounce / export your track into a high quality mp3 file for instance (320kbps), and upload that file.

All the best