Uploading "This track is being processed" nightmare

  • 20 September 2019
  • 21 replies

I have tried three times now to upload a track, wav and mp3 and each time I get "This track is being processed" and not only that, I can't delete the tracks? I temporarily delete them, then when I revisit my profile they are all there greyed out, whats going on? iv checked the trouble shooting tips and none help resolve the case. I can see a lot of people have this issue and a lot of people don't find a solution, so im hoping some one can shed some light on this issue?

21 replies

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Same here - I guess SC has some problems right now.
Same, I uploaded a track and it stuck at "This track is being processed", tried to delete and post a new one, but the old one did not disappear and the new one stuck at "This track is being processed" again.
Yup same here, 😕
same here - I have been trying for 2 hours to upload 1 track - must be an issue with their server or backlog (posting from LA)
Same problem here... this is the link if anyone from SC can resolve it please.
Been processing for an hour (houston)
Same thing here. I've tried deleting and reuploading 4 times now, still not working.
Same thing here. I've tried deleting and reuploading 4 times now, still not working. heres the link if any mods or people from soundcloud can help
SAME YOOO glad I'm not the only one, soundcloud plz fix this caause I'm supposed to upload multiple tracks this week
Phew, not just me then. Yeah, this is proper annoying.
Been trying to upload a 2 minute clip for nearly an hour...
Same here. I’m sure SC is going through something rn. Gotta wait
ahhh thought i was the only one
Okay I'm glad I'm not the only one. Not glad that this is happening to so many people, though. I guess Soundcloud just has some shiz to fix right now.

-3 hours of waiting for a 1 and a half minute song to "process"
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It's a bit discerning paying for the yearly pro membership to have an issue like this. But after uploading for months I just got this issue today. I tried deleting it but it keeps coming back and is frozen and grayed out at the processing faze. Annoying...
Same here.
same as everyone else on here...
a shame that you spend a lot of time and effort to make your music and when u finally deem it done, the site where u PAY for a membership is the thing in the way of sharing your creation.
same here, same behavior and by the looks of it they're facing issues since yesterday

Downtime for so long for a cloud based service that charges monthly fees is downright awful to say the least
Fr I tried uploading the same song 4 times already and they won't delete, glad this isn't an issue on my side.