uploading tracks individually

  • 1 November 2017
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Hi Guys,
I am a novice to music software and soundcloud. I recently had a live performance recorded and as I upload the file it uploads everything together instead of listing each track one by one. May I ask for advice on how to upload the project by choosing one track at a time?

1 reply

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Hi Alicia,

Hmm - I'm not sure which software you're using to record, but if you have recorded the entire live performance in one go, you probably need to export (or "bounce") the individual tracks of that mix into individual .mp3 or .wav files and upload these one after the other. There is not an option to do that on SoundCloud after the upload. To highlight that the track all belong to one and the same performance, you could create a playlist on SoundCloud and add the songs in there :)