Volume levels so low for all my uploads

  • 9 February 2018
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Why are all my uploads so low in volume ? i literally have to max out both SC volume and my computer volume just to get a reasonable sound level. Please can some one help resolve this issue. The whole point of presenting music is that you want things at the correct volume level or all the impact is lost.

3 replies

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My upload volume is really low too, did you get the problem sorted ?


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i’m afraid not Tracey. 

Same problem here. I have been fighting to get my mixes louder in my DAW, ruining songs with too much compression, Cranking my volumes in frustration, limiters. Watching countless tutorials on mixing and EQ. Only to be further frustrated. I may have found something though. I downloaded a free Decibel Meter called Youlean. In this video, the guy says that each site, i.e. Sound Cloud, will turn down your track if any part of your track exceeds their parameters. You can set the decibel reader for each site, when you are mixing. Check out what this guy is saying: