Volume/Quality Loss when uploading

I've seen a few of the other posts and I'm well aware the the site compresses to mp3 when uploaded, but when listening to other people's tracks they don't seem to have this problem.

I went ahead and uploaded a really simple "test" track with a download to show the difference between the upload quality and the original quality. I've scoured many other forums and asked a ton about this, and everyone is thinking its a mixing problem (which honestly my mix sounds just fine).

Is there something I'm not doing right?

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uploads are encoded to 128k MP3. when playing tracks this is what is streamed. if downloads are enabled on a track, the original file is provided for the download only. if you uploaded a wav, the download file is wav. streaming playback is still the 128k mp3
Yeah I know, but why is so much quality lost when uploaded? I know what the encoding is but its seriously affecting the quality and I'm trying to figure out why.
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It's not your mixing, and you're not the only one having issues. Pick literally any other site on the internet "Bandcamp" for example, upload a track there and you'll hear your playback the way it was intended.
I can bounce a 128kbps mp3 out of my DAW and not have have it sound as terrible as Soundcloud's streaming audio sounds. There's something really fishy going on with their encoding process and until they can find a way to stream their audio at a higher bitrate they'll continue to have the worst streaming playback on the web.
Don't give us the excuse "but if someone downloads your song it'll be your original file" garbage. Soundcloud is the front end of the music listeners get first, furthermore many artists simply don't want to make their music downloadable.
I liken it to someone having a store that sells high-end gold and diamond jewellery but the front window of the store is full of dog turds, unfortunately you're the dog turds Soundcloud.
You need to fix this problem yesterday!!
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please provide a link to an example track.
Not so troubled by 'quality': if you want smoothness, retrain as a sound designer for airports (but beware of Chino Amobi).
But if someone here is some sort of an administrator, it would be nice to know whether eg. any original file formats retain more/less volume than others in the specific Soundcloud 128-MP3 conversion process, because Arcuo is right about the huge difference between some users' tracks and others, or sometimes even between same-format, similar-level tracks from the same user. Not by any chance a matter of algorithmic bias against analogue recording?