• 21 June 2018
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We are a group of volunteers ( oxygen tracks ) and we post voice projects on SoundCloud, these projects are non-profit and we don't have the money to pay for paid advertising because we're all volunteers. A while ago the website hide all of our voice projects because we don't have the money to pay for it and we don't understand the reason. We have been working on these projects of ours for two years so why would you erase all of our effort and hard work. We can pay for the upcoming projects but why erase our old work? We hope you reconsider this matter or at least make an exception for us because we're volunteers and we don't have the money to pay, and the euro is expensive in our currency, it coast 250 L.E for every month and it so expensive for us . we didn't use our sound project for a profit it just for Entertainment to our audience We're waiting for your response on this matter and we hope you find a solution to it. if u refused our request let us choose what we need to be existing in our sounds and hide another by limited minutes .Thank you.

Oxygen tracks

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