VPS Server on OVH fail 403 Forbbiden when use the Soundcloud Api, help

  • 9 February 2016
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I use like that

if(isset($_POST['keyword']) && !empty($_POST['keyword']))

$key = strip_tags(trim($_POST['keyword']));
$api_url = ';
$api_content = file_get_contents($api_url);
if (!$api_content) {

$api_content_array = json_decode($api_content, true);

foreach ($api_content_array as $val) { ?>
<div class="videos" id="sc-<?php echo $val['id'];?>">
<div class="expand-video"> <a class="soundcloud" id="<?php echo $val['id'];?>" href="<?php echo $val['uri'];?>"><span></span> <img src="<?php echo $val['user']['avatar_url'];?>" width="120" height="90" title="Play" alt="Play"/> </a> </div>
<div class="details">
<h6><?php echo $val['title'];?></h6>
<p class="link"><?php echo $val['user']['username'];?></p>
<p class="desc"><?php echo $val['description'];?></p>


but fail file_get_contents($api_url); only on soundcloud

because i use that on api youtube and others and its ok, only with Soundcloud fail

4 replies

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For API related questions please head over here.

I know very well that link you gave me, if I have written here it is because it's my last chance to fix what is wrong with me. I dont have problem with programation because i use the code on other server and its ok, the problem is other thing
Frank, I have the same problem. I think Soundcloud blacklists OVH IP ranges. I tried on many IPs from OVH and got 403s, exact same request from Digital Ocean or other IPs, no problem.
I solve the problem usung only javascript