What does this pricing mean?

  • 30 January 2020
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I am located in Canada, currently a Pro user. I’m trying to understand this pricing. It seems to me that there’s a catch, because it just doesn’t make sense:

So if I pay yearly, it comes up more expensive per month than if I pay monthly? Or is $13.98 only for the first month? Or is this some kind of weird current special that only applies to the monthly billing? The reason I’m asking is that I wouldn’t want to pay $13.98 and expect it to stay that way, but only to find out that it goes up to $19.95 after that… I’m a very small SC artist, so to me $13.98 may be worth it (because I’m starting to get close to my 6h limit on Pro), but not $19.95 (since I’m not making any money at all with my music). So I don’t want any surprises… Thanks.

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