What quality are my streams

  • 6 July 2018
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i feel like a few yrs ago I could see in the info the bitrates for individual songs, but these days does not exist. Some songs are very poor quality (I often listen in my home system and car) that isn't too noticeable on my phone though.

As a GO subscriber I would like to know what im actually paying for.......... a link to this info would be nice, not sure how this isn't readily available to the consumer base and potential consumers. i was preferentially listening to 312+ in the 90's......................

1 reply

I'm not official or anything, but I recall doing research awhile back when news broke out of a "lesser" codec being used.

Here is the Wiki article detailing the 128kbps Opus in use:

Again, I'm not official, but I remember that being what is used.
It seems a very modern codec. Less data and same quality as MP3.