What to do when my track is stuck in processing?

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Hello,im new at music making and at using soundcloud and when i uploaded my track ,it sayd that its being processed... it was like 10h ago... maybe somebody can help me???

Thank you.
it's been processing for around 16 hours
Hey, so I started a few days ago with uploading some music that I've made myself, but I'm not able to play them. When I want to click on 'play' I get a notification that there's a problem and that I'll just have to wait a few minutes. It has been a day and the problem is still here. Does anyone know how to solve this?
My song has been processing for 1 day and am in need of assistance, the video isn't even 5 minutes long.
My tracks normally process very quickly, but my newest is struggling? Any ideas?
Track -->
okay so ive read multiple reviews on this yet everything other users were told to do i have done and its still not working. still my uploads continue to say that their still proccessing. help??
I have uploaded a track 3 days ago now, and it has been processing since about 5 minutes after I uploaded it. Ive been told by many that it should take about 3 minutes maximum for processing to be finished.
So I have one question:
What do I do?
im not able to access my account using my phone or tablet. there has been a few successful attempts made on the computer although when i log in all playlists, likes and music is gone and It shows I am not signed up to soundcloud pro+ which I am . I need help.

I am trying to upload a set but it keep getting stuck in processing when i try to upload it. After the track is loaded it says "We are processing your track for playback…" it will be stuck in this proces afterwards. I already tried to load it up without any text and picture but it turned out to get stuck again. Could you help me with this?
I try to upload a song from my computer (osx 10.11.6) while using Firefox (53.0.3 64bit) and the upload manager just gets stuck in perpetual upload. It will get to some % of upload and then reset to 0% again and start uploading again. At best the uploading will reach 99% but then not go to the 'processing' phase. After some time, the upload manager just stops trying to upload. and the whole upload process stops. At that point I cant make that file/upload/process continue, nor can I save ( the save function is there but doesn't seem to do anything when I click it). I can only start a new upload – I attached a screen shot of this outcome.

I uploading file is: mp3, 19.8 MB.
I have plenty of Soundcloud space available.

I am going to try turning off any plugins I have in firefox, and failing that another web-browser.

In the past, I have managed to upload one song so far. After having the same above problem for some time. Im not sure how that song managed to eventually work. That upload happened with this current web-browser sett up, which makes me unsure if the problem is web-browser related. But I will still try.

According to, at this moment my upload is 0.89 - I live in Australia.

Adam B 🙂
I have recently downloaded the app 'Acid pro 7' and finished 2 songs, and have tried to upload them, but they have been proccessing for the past2 weeks and ive tried deleting the tracks and re-uploading them, but neither seems to work. i have read some of the comments were u have suggested to use the 'wav export thingo' on the app but i cannot seem to find iit and dont know what email or password i logged in with, and my trial runs out in 28 days now, and want to upload them to soundcloud before it ends!
If you could please suggest something, that would be great!
and the file i am tying to upload is an .acd file and idk how to convert it?
Anytime that happens to me, i check my web connection, and then re-upload the page and usually that seems to help. hopefully that helps somewhat, good luck.
Bump - i'm having exactly the same problem. I uploaded one track, and it was fine. I uploaded a second track, and it got stuck on "track being processed" for four days. I uploaded another track yesterday, and it's fine, it was processed within a few minutes. Today I deleted the stuck track, re-uploaded it, and the same problem recurred. It's about seven minutes and 150mb, whereas the first one I did was 16 mins and 328mb.
If this isn't resolvable, i'll have to look for a different service, as this looks like a crap shoot really.

Thanks in advance for any help!
I tried to bump another thread earlier, but thought i would launch my own as well. There's little point outlining the problem, as Googling shows it to be exactly the same one that everyone has with SC. Yes, like dozens of other users I have a track stuck in "processing". Yes, it's under 6mb, yes, i've deleted and reloaded it now three times, yes i have the latest Chrome, yes, it's a WAV, yes, i have checked the status message to see if SC has an admitted problem. No, the troubleshooter didn't work (do they ever?), no, i have no intention of going Pro given this, no, I am not impressed. Is there an actual solution, or does anyone know of another site i could use for posting demos privately so I can then send the link to record companies? I mean, a site that works ;)
Trying to upload tracks and they say they are being processed. this is my second attempt. What is the problem
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and the file i am tying to upload is an .acd file and idk how to convert it?

Hi there,

I've just updated the original post on this topic - please review for more info. :-)

In regards to your question: you won't need to convert the .acd file. This is very likely the project file that triggers Acid to open when you double click it. Please refer to the Acid Pro 7 User Manual to learn how to export your audio project into a compatible audio file. This process is often referred to as "bouncing the track".

Once you have your .wav or .mp3 file, you should be able to upload that file properly to your SoundCloud account. 🙂
Hello -
Basically my problem is that when I try upload a new track it dosen't ever properly upload, the track will stay processing for days and never actually appear on my profile. I've tried re-uploading tracks, I've tried re-uploading tracks and deliberately not entering any info but the title to see if that would work too.

Is there any way of solving this?


I am trying to upload my first song. Its been hours and its only saying "this track is processing". Please Help!
Stuck on upload still processing ?
Hey I've been trying too upload my recent track off of sound cloud and it's not working for me at all... it keeps saying track is processing and I recorded on my IMac through audacity. Who can help me? Thanks
My tracks say "Being processed" for a week now. What's going on??
my song been stuck on that for a while and idk why
I've tried to upload the same track like 10 times and the longest I've waited is like 7 hours, and it keeps sayings "This track is being processed." Why can't I just upload my track? I don't have any chrome extensions or anything to block me from doing so. Help!
How do you get your tracks to play? I tried to upload some songs two days ago, but they all currently say "This track is being processed". Has anyone ever successfully posted songs here? I keep writing in these little boxes but so far have not gotten any response. This seems to be a very common problem here, although I can not find any answers on the "help community". Is this a legitimate website?