What to do when my track is stuck in processing?

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i thought the problem was because i exported it was .wav, but when i changed it to mp3 i get the same problem. i've tried three times and waited overnight. nothing.
please help me
i cannot play the tack due to this
I'm currently trying to upload a track, called Secrets. It's been over two hours and it is still processing. I've tried re-uploading it multiple times but to no avail. Is there any mod that could possibly help? My thanks are in advance
in all the vids ive watched they clicked "Go to my track" and they could listen to their track, but whenever I do that it says track still processing, ive tried over and over doing the same track and it still wont work, why not?
I've been trying to upload a two minute long track for a while. I've deleted and re-uploaded it several times but it still is on processing. Any advice?
tried to upload my song but has been processing for 2 days now, I have a set release date for this song and really need it to be playable song title "off the top"
I uploaded my track around 20 hours ago and it says it's still processing. I looked at what other people said and it told me to upload it again and leave it blank but that didn't work either. I do not know what to do.
When i go to upload it says "we are processing your track for playback.." then the upload line goes grey and nothing happens so through hours of troubleshooting nothing has helped when hit save it goes to the next screen where i should be able to listen, but i I can't. it just counts up minutes to an hour then stops at an hour. It's a 63 minute podcast and i have uploaded 5 with no problem before it.
I've uploaded a track and its stuck in processing tried to upload it multiply times still in the same loop, link to the track :
I just wanted to find out why my track has been stuck on 'This track is being processed' for a day now.
I just uploaded a track taht I recorded with audacity and I clicked go to my song and it just says track is being processed and it has for the past hour and I don't know what to do. I retried uploaded multiple times and this happened everytime.
this has been on my screen fr over 24 hrs. I've been trying to upload a song and it wont let me. I recorded on audacity and it wont upload. I've deleted the file and uploaded multiple times and still same result. help!
I have tried many times to upload something to my page, I waited a day to see if anything would change and tried to do so again, yet the same thing happens. What should I do?
has been processing i uploaded the track from fl studio on firefox and i cant play the track do to the "processing"
hi man! i have the same trouble. i dont know why..
my sound is not being processed, I've looked at all the ways to work it out on the help page and other websites, I've deleted and re-upload multiple times and still nothing is working, I need help
My Track is taking a very long time to process. I've uploaded it but all it says is "This Track is being processed", what do I do?
I've deleted my track many times and reuploaded but every time, even when I just enter the title and nothing else, it says "This track is being processed". This has been going on for 3 days and I don't know what to do. Please tell me.
i'm getting frustrated with this whole uploading thing with soundcloud. i upload my track to my profile and it says processing, i've waited a few days for it to stop, but it has been stuck on just that. so then i delete it and create a new track for my different song and it says the same thing with this track is being processed... somebody help.. what should i do.. now?
Hi, this is the first time this has occured with me. Nothing changed in my processing. I use ProTools, I've tried MP3, wavs at 96, 44 sample rates, 24, 16 bits and it will not upload. tried deleting/creating new track, still sticks in processing.

any idea why this happened all of a sudden?
I tried the workarounds listed in other complaints about this common issue (which may i say is very discouraging to anyone trying this for the first time) but they all failed, request someone to help me, thanks
same deal here. tried uploading 8 different times across a few days now. please, help, thanks!
Hey guys, when I go to upload a track to soundcloud it says "we are processing track" then after that it disappears to a grey bar and says nothing at all and so I click save and when I look at the song on my page its saying track being processed
what is happening?
Whenever I try to upload this song it always says that. It has been like that for an entire day and I tried deleting it and re-uploading but it isnt working.
hi guys, I've tried uploading and re-uploading my tracks several times and each time they have been stuck in processing. I have no idea what I should do and I've tried my best to sort the issue but nothing has worked