What to do when my track is stuck in processing?

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I have tried uploading my most recent track onto SoundCloud, but it continues to get stuck in the "Processing Track for Playback" phase. I have tried deleting and re-uploading many times, even with two different browsers. The file is MP3 and I also tried re bouncing it from Logic and then re-uploading that. Nothing is seeming to work. What should I do?
I tried to post a song like 3 or 4 days ago and i let it process for at least 3 hours (even though all of my other songs got done processing in under a minute). I've tried deleting it and reposting it which hasn't worked. I tried logging out then logging in but that hasn't worked either. Still processing right now. Another problem i have but not as much worried about is that i cant even play a song on my computer, it skips every single song and keeps going forever. Can that be fixed? I've tried everything i can think of. playing the songs on my computer isnt the issue cause it still works on my phone i just want to be able to post my song!!!
Added an mp3 upload 4 days ago for a Uni assignment - the track is stuck in processing.

Can somebody help please?
Well, my track is processing, but there was a problem playing my track. What happened and What should I do? The truth is that I uploaded a track from Audacity.
I just uploaded a track about 10 mins ago. It still says processing? It never takes this long. Help!

I successfully uploaded 2 tracks and now the third one is saying 'still processing' and 'There was a problem playing this track'

I've tried deleting and re-uploading and also using different browsers. Nothing is working.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Error processing track is the message I got, but then it says track is being processed on the actual track on my profile. Someone sort this out please, it's very frustrating and very annoying
Stuck in processing
I have tried now just about 5 times and my track wont upload. Its a .Wav.. never had this issue before, i have a pro unlimited account and dont see how this would ever be an issue.
Hello SoundCloud Community:

I need your immediate assistance! I use this platform to host my podcast and 2 out of the last 3 tracks I've uploaded have suffered issues either when uploading or when processing. As you can see, in the screenshots attached, the uploaded files just cut off after a few minutes — then there's nothing but silence.

This issue isn't with my original file because I can play the entire track fine on my hard drive. It seems to be an issue when processing the file on your end.


Here's the link to my profile:

Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

Brad J. Gray

Hey All, Please help !

I post up conversations I've had with people up onto my page. 9.5 times out of 10 it works smoothly but for some reason one of the parts will make it to processing but then a grey line appears where it should be loading. I uploaded the first part of the interview after trying a few times to upload the 2nd part, and the first part uploaded fine. I'm still having troubles uploading the 2nd part because once again it'll make it up to the Processing stage and quit....what/how should I do to fix this problem ?

thanks in advance!
So a group of friends and I have been trying to drop some music all day now, but whenever we try to upload our songs it says the track is being processed then the processing bar just goes gray. I don't know if this is it still processing or not but we are trying to drop an album and none of our songs we upload are being processed or playing. 😞 Also SoundCloud doesn't seem to have many ways to get help so I'm lost. I would appreciate some help 🙂
My new song I just dropped True feelings is still processing I have deleted it multiple times and reuploaded and it’s still doing the same thing help me !!
I read in a post reply that you could re-trigger transcoding of an uploaded soundtrack that seems to stay frozen in processing. Is it of your service to do that to an upload I did a while ago or check if it has gotten to your servers at least? It's something I don't have on my base computer but need to access and use it again.
My Soundcloud username is Fer7410147.
The URL is:
I uploaded it in 2016-2017.
Thank you.
I uploaded a 1 hour and 15 minute audio a few days ago and it is still processing. Is that normal even with a premium account etc
I tried to upload from audacity but it's stuck in processing. I think I need to change the format? But I have no idea how to do that. Do I do it from. The computer? How do I do it from the computer?
I've tried to upload my track, but as soon as it gets to processing the bar turns gray and it never processes. I've tried closing the browser and trying again but it still isn't working.
Ive tried uploading multiple tracks and one uploaded but the the rest say "This track is processing" and never goes away. I deleted and reuploaded the tracks multiple times. I waited 4 hours and it is still processing. Any tips that worked for anyone would help.
Haven’t been able to upload this song for days because “the track is processing” don’t know what to do..
My track says it’s processing but it won’t go plz help I tried deleting it and putting it back but it won’t do anything
I have 2 tracks that have been processing for 20 days.. i have no idea how to fix this problem and the sources i have are low, is there any chance i could get help here? And if its the moderators checking to see if its suitable or something which i have been told, they have literally nothing wrong with them so i dont get it. Can i get some help please? :c
So I'm trying to upload a song or 2, and once it's uploaded it tells the track is 'processing'. It will stay like that for a while. This didn't happen before so I'm trying to figure out why it's happening now. Can someone help me please?
its not loading it says its still being processed
i tried to upload a track and it just says this track is being processed, and it just never finishes processing
My track has been processing for over 90 minutes now, first time I have ever uploaded