What to do when my track is stuck in processing?

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I have tried changing browers, turning off AdBlocker, changing my hashtags, deleting and starting over again several times and I'm still stuck in processing. Anyone have any suggestions? Much appreciated!
I have tried to upload my track 'I'm Fine' but it just stays being processed if you could sort this I would be very grateful
Hi, can you help me? I have a problem that when I put the audio in it will be processing if it does not leave this screen
My track is stuck in process I’ve deleted and uploaded multiple times and I tried uploading it without editing anything
I'm a new SoundCloud user, and just created my profile and attempted uploading a couple tracks. With every attempt to listen to my track, it says: track processing, with no results. What does this mean? What do I do?
my tracks have been processing for hours is this going on all over the place? they are mp3’s like all my other songs so i don’t see the problem
We have experienced zero technical issues in posting/downloading the first 42 episodes of Quality Talk. Four tries at downloading the most recent episode, but it's stuck in processing. Is there a technical issue on SoundCloud's back end? Help, please.
Since for whatever reason my last post labelled itself as "Solved", I'm making a new one.

Tried everything to get it fixed, but nothing has worked. Stuck in processing for over 20 hours (I assume; lost track of how long.)

I tried:

Cancelling and reuploading
Changing the file type
Waiting long periods of time
Attempting to play it on another device
Uploading it from another device
Uploading from another profile on various devices
Uploading from different networks

I'm about to just say 'To hell with it', give up, and mive to a different platform.

Some help would be appreciated.

SomeOrdinaryFellow (RA!N)
I'm waiting for 1 hour and my upload is still being processing. Can I get any help?
I just uploading a track and was wondering how long the processing would take.
I tried uploading 3 tracks. All AIFF format, all well under max size requirement. They were still showing processing almost 24 hours later! I deleted one and tried to re-upload again, but to no avail. They are private to me, but I don't think that should be an issue. What gives?
I have been trying to upload a one-hour audio file for a podcast. It's been two days and I just keep seeing this "track is being processed" message. I used this site 18 months ago for another podcast and never had this problem.

I submitted a ticket and haven't even received an acknowledgement. Has anyone resolved this issue before?
Hi readers,
I'm trying to upload from Calkwalk Home Studio which I have a direct link to SoundCloud. The file must be compatible but the track sticks in 'process' and I have tried everything.
Can anyone suggest what will help please?
How long should it take for uploaded tracks to complete processing? I uploaded three which have been processing for more than an hour. They are in MP3 format so I'm not sure what the problem is. Any help would be great.
im posting tracks one at a time separately but every time i do it says "ready. click save to post track" and when i do it freezes and doesnt post but the button is only frozen. i only have 55 mins. left of uploading so what could be wrong?
ive tried uploading a song, i deleted it completely tried again and waited and hour and its still processing
It's my first time uploading a track here on Soundcloud so I'm not an expert or something. But; I upload it and it said something like " your track has been uploaded". so, then I go to my profile and when I click on -tracks- there is my track but it says "This track is being processed". I did some research and the problem seemed to be solved by trying to delete the track and uploading it again: I tried it and it won?t upload anyway. What should I do next? I also tried to upload my track just with the name of it but it won?t work:( help me pls
also, my English is not perfect:) (I'm from Switzerland)

I am trying to upload a file which is about 1 hour long but it seems to just be stuck on "this track is being processed". It's been there for about 24 hours. I've also tried reuploading and it happened again.

It's definitely less than 1GB in size ( I think about 600MB) and I have lot's of room in my account. I've uploaded songs of this length plenty of times before.

Has any one any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

Hello did you had any luck? I am having the same problem