What to do when my track is stuck in processing?

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Hey there creators,

We sometimes see users getting in touch, explaining their newest and freshest tracks are stuck in processing. Yikes! This can have a number of issues. Here's what you can do to sort this out:

  • Please make sure you've uploaded your track in a compatible audio format. Some formats get their way through the upload, however our encoder then fails to convert the track for streaming, at which point you would see the track as being "processing". We support AIFF, WAVE (WAV), FLAC, ALAC, OGG, MP2, MP3, AAC, AMR, and WMA files. The maximum file size is 5GB. Tracks that are over 6 hours and 45 minutes long will not be able to be transcoded by our system.
  • Check our Status Blog to make sure that there are not any problems occurring around the transcoding process at this time.
  • Delete the pending track from your SoundCloud profile and re-upload it.

If you've recorded the track directly in your browser, chances are that the flash plugin has crashed in the background 😕 Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do from our end to help recover this recording. For future reference, we recommend to use an audio recording- or editing software to make sure you can always come back to the recording project file. Once you're happy with your recording, you can export the track from the software into a compatible audio format, and upload the file from your browser.

We hope this helps.

Happy uploading everyone

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I tried the workarounds listed in other complaints about this common issue (which may i say is very discouraging to anyone trying this for the first time) but they all failed, request someone to help me, thanks
I've been trying to upload since last night, upload keeps restarting. used classic uploader and now stuck on track is being processed. HELP!!
my track is 'still being processed' and i dont know WHY?????
Upon uploading a song, the track gets stuck in the "track processing" stage. The file format is correct and I've tried changing the link but nothing seems to work. Another thing to note is when I upload the song the loading bar above the photo and song info loads with the regular orange and blue colors for a bit but then turns grey which doesn't seem like it's supposed to happen. Any help is appreciated.
I'm getting the same thing! Sent a tweet to SC support but nothing back so far 😕
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I am trying to upload a track onto here and it says that the upload was completed, however, when I go to the track, it says that the track is still being processed. This has been happening for over a half hour now, and this has never happened before.

I am trying to upload a file which is about 1 hour long but it seems to just be stuck on "this track is being processed". It's been there for about 24 hours. I've also tried reuploading and it happened again.

It's definitely less than 1GB in size ( I think about 600MB) and I have lot's of room in my account. I've uploaded songs of this length plenty of times before.

Has any one any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

Anytime that happens to me, i check my web connection, and then re-upload the page and usually that seems to help. hopefully that helps somewhat, good luck.
I've uploaded a track and its stuck in processing tried to upload it multiply times still in the same loop, link to the track :
has been processing i uploaded the track from fl studio on firefox and i cant play the track do to the "processing"
I'm waiting for 1 hour and my upload is still being processing. Can I get any help?
Hey guys, when I go to upload a track to soundcloud it says "we are processing track" then after that it disappears to a grey bar and says nothing at all and so I click save and when I look at the song on my page its saying track being processed
what is happening?
I just uploading a track and was wondering how long the processing would take.
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I'm trying to upload a file which is well under a minute in time, and it's been processing for over an hour. I had no problem uploading a similar sized file the night before so why am I encountering this problem now?
I tried to post a song like 3 or 4 days ago and i let it process for at least 3 hours (even though all of my other songs got done processing in under a minute). I've tried deleting it and reposting it which hasn't worked. I tried logging out then logging in but that hasn't worked either. Still processing right now. Another problem i have but not as much worried about is that i cant even play a song on my computer, it skips every single song and keeps going forever. Can that be fixed? I've tried everything i can think of. playing the songs on my computer isnt the issue cause it still works on my phone i just want to be able to post my song!!!
Hey All, Please help !

I post up conversations I've had with people up onto my page. 9.5 times out of 10 it works smoothly but for some reason one of the parts will make it to processing but then a grey line appears where it should be loading. I uploaded the first part of the interview after trying a few times to upload the 2nd part, and the first part uploaded fine. I'm still having troubles uploading the 2nd part because once again it'll make it up to the Processing stage and quit....what/how should I do to fix this problem ?

thanks in advance!
I've been trying to upload since last night, upload keeps restarting. used classic uploader and now stuck on track is being processed. HELP!!
Same issue here with one of yesterday's tracks (16 minutes, uploaded from SoundCloud Android app - which I guess doesn't store a backup once it thinks it's done with the uploading so it's gone for good...?)
Added an mp3 upload 4 days ago for a Uni assignment - the track is stuck in processing.

Can somebody help please?
hi guys, I've tried uploading and re-uploading my tracks several times and each time they have been stuck in processing. I have no idea what I should do and I've tried my best to sort the issue but nothing has worked
My Track is taking a very long time to process. I've uploaded it but all it says is "This Track is being processed", what do I do?
so am I its been getting processed for over 3 hours wtf???
I have tried uploading my most recent track onto SoundCloud, but it continues to get stuck in the "Processing Track for Playback" phase. I have tried deleting and re-uploading many times, even with two different browsers. The file is MP3 and I also tried re bouncing it from Logic and then re-uploading that. Nothing is seeming to work. What should I do?
I tried uploading 3 tracks. All AIFF format, all well under max size requirement. They were still showing processing almost 24 hours later! I deleted one and tried to re-upload again, but to no avail. They are private to me, but I don't think that should be an issue. What gives?
yeah but what about me? i just tried uploading a track and it has been processing for an hour. I'm really frustrated, I wanted to share this thing ASAP and instead i'm just sitting here refreshing the page and pulling my fucking hair out.
I have been trying to upload a one-hour audio file for a podcast. It's been two days and I just keep seeing this "track is being processed" message. I used this site 18 months ago for another podcast and never had this problem.

I submitted a ticket and haven't even received an acknowledgement. Has anyone resolved this issue before?
Hi readers,
I'm trying to upload from Calkwalk Home Studio which I have a direct link to SoundCloud. The file must be compatible but the track sticks in 'process' and I have tried everything.
Can anyone suggest what will help please?