When will my copyright "strikes" be removed?

  • 18 October 2018
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I have been a paying Pro level member on Soundcloud for over 4 years, and was very interested in the Premiere monetization recently announced.
I had just received a email from Soundcloud support stating that all copyright strikes on my account were to be removed within 1 year of receiving them. I have not gotten a "strike" in well over a year, and yet the strikes still show up on my list here:

The most recent strike on my account is almost 2 years old, but that strike and the others on my account are all much older (some from 2016).

I am curious as to why haven't they been removed as stated by your support to me in an email just yesterday? I am a independent creator that does not upload any work but my own, I do remix work but due to the strikes I have received on Official remixes, I started using a secondary account just to post my remixes because I was threatened by Soundclould with account deletion if I continued to upload even officially licensed remixes.

I qualify entirely for Premier monetization but am being told I don't and it has become very frustrating. When can I expect the 2+ year old strikes to be removed from my account so that I may become a Premier member?

2 replies

I have the same issue. Strikes for over 4 years. And seeing as how you posted this 4 months ago and SOUNDCLOUD has not gotten back to you, my guess is that they don't care because we're not signed by a major label... Soundcloud you are SLACKING HARD on your communication with users.. very dissapointing.
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Hi there,

I've looked into this and checked with our Copyrights team. You have no active copyright strikes on your account, so that is not preventing you from monetising your account. There are other requirements that you can read about here :

@Sounds Madethebeat - This applies for you as well, I've just responded to you on a separate topic.