Why are all the titles of my uploaded tracks wrong (no artist) when my filenames & tags in mp3 are correct ?

  • 1 August 2016
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I took time to perfectly rename all my mp3 files (<artist> - <title>), and have the same information in my ID3 tags.
Now when i upload those tracks, all the title are wrong (missing <artist>).
I can't modify them AGAIN one by one, this would take days !
What's the solution ?

5 replies

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Hi there Manu,

Hmm, is this regardless of which browser you're using? Our upload system won't look into the ID3 tag, but rather use the file name when applicable actually.

Please let us know and example file title and the outcoming text in the title field so others here on the forum can look into this further.

file: The Space Brothers - Shine (Full Vocal 12'' Mix)
This is for ALL the tracks i want to upload.
I've tried in Firefox and Chrome.
I thought it could it be related to the place of my files (they are on a network drive) but i tried with files local on the upload PC : same problem.
My filenames are synchronized with the ID3 information (same information in filename and ID3).

I found something interesting : i converted all ùy MP3's inside a folder to FLAC (+ keeping exisiting ID3 tags). If i then upload the FLAC files, i've got my right artist - title.
For an MP3, i've got it to work if i put "%Artist% - %Title%" in the title tag of the ID3. Apprently, you don't use the tag %Artist% ...
This means i have to modify the ID3 before uploading.
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Hi Manu,

Thank you for reporting your findings throughout your research. I will pass this on to the relevant product and engineering team on our end to see if this is something we can improve in the future.