why cant i talk to someone about problems i paid for a service how do i change my email address

  • 4 December 2015
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sound cloud is a rip off where nobody is there to help im paying for a service that i cant use un fair contracting says go pro upload more so i pay and now i cant upload at all !! scam!!

3 replies

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Hey Steven,

Here we go. Thanks for getting in touch.

Your primary email address bounced when our system tried to send you an email. In order to upload tracks on SoundCloud, we're asking for a confirmed email address. I saw you added a secondary email address and that was also not confirmed. I have now done so manually, so you're all set to upload again.

By the way, we just relaunched our help forum - loads of answers to your questions can often be found there already. If not so, you can either write in through the help center to one of our specialized teams (for instance, for copyright questions, payment queries, or account access issues).

Here's the article that explains how to change your email address.

Happy uploading Steven :-)

All the best
i still cant upload anything i want compensating for this i cant upload when i try to upload it takes me to a page with buttons i cant click on cause they are all white!!??!!
why can i not receive your emails ?