Why did you block me from liking songs

  • 30 January 2019
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I recently created a new SoundCloud account and wanted to get all my old music from my last profile saved on this one so I was liking all the old music I had but couldn’t even finished before out of nowhere it wouldn’t let me like anything. The heart would go orange for a second before going right back to grey. The part that piss me off the most is how every time I look up this issue, everyone says you get a warning before it blocks the liking feature. I got no warning it just out of nowhere blocked me from this feature. If I got the fucking warning I wouldn’t have to deal with this right now. But since I didn’t get any warning I want to know why I didn’t and also I want to know how long the first block lasts.

1 reply

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Hi Bad Brains,

Please see here for more info around this:
Your current block expires in ~15 hours.

If you have further question about the limits that are triggered automatically by the systems that our Trust & Safety team had to put into place due to heavy abuse of certain features by some users (unfortunately), please reach out to the team directly via the contact form.